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Championing the recycling industry is a commitment.  At Sunberg we believe that we have a social responsibility to encourage our community's awareness of the benefits of recycling, as well as to inspire positive changes that will benefit our environment.  We work with local primary schools bringing recycling awareness from an early stage. Click to view: The Big Dreams of Pippa the Paperclip

In addition recycling methods are discussed with organisations and communities to deliver value at all stages with technology, machinery and quality grading.


Sunberg and Clore Shalom - Creating a Recycled Greenhouse

At Sunberg we believe it is vital to teach youngsters about recycling and we have thoroughly enjoyed teaming up with Clore Shalom Primary School to create a Greenhouse out of recycled bottles.  The project involved the whole school community working together as a team to collect 1,500 2 litre plastic bottles, and a large team of volunteers working tirelessly in all weathers to construct the building.

Engaging the children in such a creative project really brought home the usefulness of recycling, emphasising how we can turn something that would be considered to be rubbish into something of great use.  The greenhouse, which was formally opened on 28th April 2013, will be used for years to come by the children as they grow and nurture seedlings, plants and vegetables.  It will also serve as a constant reminder of the effectiveness of recycling and of what can be created with a little imagination and a lot of hard work!

For more information on how the project developed please see Sunberg’s facebook page at

The community at Clore Shalom are busy collecting bottles for

their Greenhouse.

The amazing Clore Shalom Eco-committee collect bottles come rain, shine or snow!

the Clore kids were proud and excited about the recycled

Greenhouse they'd created

The Clore kids were delighted to finally explore their finished Greenhouse

After months of preparation the Greenhouse was finally finished

Planting time!

The Greenhouse was officially opened on 28th April 2013



Coverage from The Jewish News issue 793 dated 9th May 2013 page 4

More publicity about the Greenhouse may be found at:




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